„Life always creates conditions conducive to life.“  

Janine Benyus

Our core pulse

What does a world look like in which we really want to live? And how can we use our creativity and creative power as human beings to actively help shape it?

In our projects, we want to develop and test living, regenerative and sustainable alternatives for our society and economy. A valuable key and inspiration for us lies in the original and indigenous knowledge of cultures that have been living regeneratively and sustainably for thousands of years.

Our approach

Why are we here and what role do we want to play as human beings on earth?

Some indigenous peoples still live today in the deep self-understanding of being custodians of the earth as human beings. They remind us of how we become effective as co-creators in the service of the unfolding of life on earth. We want to contribute to remembering this potential and to grow into this role.

One of the central goals of our association is to build an academy for liveliness and the application of original knowledge in modern times. In doing so, we explore indigenous approaches in a practical way and test their relevance for current challenges.

Origins and future

Inspired by Lucas Buchholz's stay of several months with the Kogi and his book “Kogi – Wie ein Naturvolk unsere moderne Welt inspiriert”, wurde 2019 der Verein Lebendige Zukunft e.V. gegründet. Im Juni 2022 folgte die Gründung von Lebendige Zukunft in der Schweiz.

The realisation of the Kogi journey in September 2022 forms the foundation stone for the establishment of the Academy for Aliveness as well as the concrete implementation of the forest project. We look forward to what will grow from this!

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