"We follow the original principles. They show us how to guard things and take care of everything. The water, the trees, the stones speak to us daily of the Mother's laws. We just listen to them."

Mama Bernardo Mascote-Zarabata

The Kogi

The Kogi are an indigenous people living in seclusion in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on Colombia's Caribbean coast. The Kogi call themselves the Elder Brothers. Together with us, the Younger Brothers, they want to create a future worth living. For some years now, they have been contacting individuals to bring their messages to the world. As an association, we work with different indigenous peoples, but we feel particularly connected to the Kogi.

High culture

The Kogi are a socially and ecologically highly developed culture that has existed for over 4000 years. They have found ways to live sustainably as a civilisation in harmony with nature and the entire world. Through elaborate social processes and community structures, they have created a peaceful society characterised by emotional conflict prevention. Without major power hierarchies, they are oriented towards the natural order of life.

Keepers of knowledge

The steep mountain slopes of the Sierra Nevada and the impenetrable jungle with which they are covered have protected the culture from external influences over the past centuries and kept it at a quasi pre-Columbian level. This is how they have been able to preserve the original knowledge and their completely different understanding of the world until today. They call this perspective Zhigoneshi - the one thought. At its core, it describes the interconnectedness and connectedness of all life and why this is the gateway to aliveness. Not only is everything the Kogi do informed by this thinking, but it is also enormously valuable for our questions about sustainability.

Keepers of the Earth

They understand the original knowledge of how to keep the world in balance precisely as their most important task. The Kogi are not only highly developed socially, they also achieve enormous results in the field of sustainable living and regeneration of ecosystems, among other things. The basis of this work are the universal principles and laws of the living. We too can learn again to follow these principles and to see the world as a living organism.
"It is not enough for people to look at the thoughts and say, 'Ah, that is beautifully thought'. No, they live them and become the thoughts themselves?"

Mama José Gabriel

Guardians of the Future

A rethink and a change in awareness is being called for everywhere at the moment. We understand that we have to fundamentally change our approach in order to become sustainable as a society or economy. This is exactly where indigenous knowledge can help us. Fortunately, the Kogi decided to contact us some time ago. They want to work with us to preserve life on our planet in all its diversity.

Information on the Kogi-Journey in Europe

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