Ancient knowledge for a modern world

Encounter journey with the Kogi

It is the time for living, regenerative and sustainable alternatives for shaping our society and economy. Therefore, we invited to a special encounter trip with four Kogi elders from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia to Switzerland, Germany and Austria from 31.8.22 to 25.9.22.

Our aim was to enter into dialogue in various expert exchanges and workshops and to combine their knowledge with ours - an exciting synthesis for approaches to thinking and acting for the world of tomorrow.

"There is a principle according to which nature and also we humans were created. When we create technologies, they have to follow the same principle, then they are alive, otherwise they can be very harmful."

Arregoces Coronado-Zarabata

Why do we enter into dialogue

Despite colonialism and industrialisation, the indigenous Kogi (Kággaba) people have been preserving their living knowledge for maintaining the ecological, social and spiritual balance in the world for 4000 years. This makes them outstanding experts in shaping societies in a way that promotes life as well as the regeneration of ecosystems. The contact and exchange opened up new perspectives for us on how to tackle societal challenges.

Whether we are looking at issues such as education, regenerative agriculture and forestry, biodiversity, conflict resolution and decision-making, social organisation, health and medicine, looking outside our common views inspires active futures for the good of people and planet.

The concern of the Kogi

By travelling to us, Kogi elders (saka/mama) can share their deep knowledge from person to person. They want to work with us to preserve life on earth in all its diversity.

In order to be able to work powerfully in their self-image as guardians of the earth, it is essential for the Kogi to recover terretories and sacred places lost in the course of colonisation. With this trip, they raised funds for this cause.

"It is important to touch the thinking heart of people, every human being has this thinking heart, this is what we are born with."  

Mama José Gabriel

Our core pulse

You can support the realisation of the journey by...

  • Promoting the event and sharing the programme with your personal network.
  • A contribution to the financing of the trip through donations, contacts to interested companies or foundations.
  • With contacts to the press, magazines, filmmakers, journalists.

In balance

The journey laid the foundation for the establishment of an Academy for Aliveness. At its centre is the promotion of indigenous, original knowledge and its application in the modern world.

In the spirit of balance and regeneration, the proceeds of the events support the development of the Academy for Aliveness as well as the land buyback of the Kogi. Further donations are welcome and strengthen the vital unfolding of these projects.

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