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How do we create life-enhancing contexts and conditions?

"Nature has 3.8 billion years of evolutionary experience in designing life-sustaining systems. Why don't we use this wisdom to build societies full of health and vitality?"
Laura Storm

Lebendige Zukunft e.V.

The association is a union of people who want to shape a regenerative, life-promoting present and future together. A world in which life unfolds and we, as human beings, contribute to it joyfully and creatively.

We are currently actively working on land buyback in the Sierra Nevada

Our approach

Indigenous people have lived for thousands of years in harmony with universal principles of life and in deep knowledge of the genius and intelligence of nature. In creative dialogue with each other, we can learn how this original knowledge can be combined with local regenerative approaches and ways of life and how we can live together according to the principle of vitality!

Inspired by nature, for nature.

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Lebendige Zukunft Logo Workfile-51


One of the central goals of our association is to build an academy for original knowledge and its application in modern times. We explore indigenous approaches in a practical way and test their relevance for current challenges. An important part of this is the exchange with indigenous groups.